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How Many Plastic Bottles can you waste in One Meeting?

August 19, 2009 By: Kelly Category: Uncategorized

Seriously – I had a lunch meeting today – and snapped this picture. It could be filed under the “really??” category so easily. I understand the concept of having cold bottled water handy to offer customers/clients – but if the employees are just going to drink it and through the 4-5 bottles away – PER DAY – well, that seems ridiculous.Wasted Bottles

Eat Fresh? – Live Fresh!

August 06, 2009 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

cupI had lunch at a Subway restaurant today – just moments ago actually – and on my way out I revisited the soda machine to top off my drink. I was drinking from the cup(the paper medium size cup), with no lid or straw. After I refilled the drink, something struck me as I reached for a lid and straw; Do I really need these? I’m going to use the lid and straw for 15 minutes at most, and they are going to take 100+ years to biodegrade in a landfill that is 10 miles from my house. So a 100 year “Green Penalty” for my 15 minutes of convenience. Fair trade?

I passed on the lid and straw, and decided to just exercise greater care when having a sip in the car on the way back to the office.

My friends at Benedict Advertising do a lot of work with Subway, and the principles of the “Eat Fresh!” campaign could be extended to simply “Live Fresh!” So eat all this low fat, high protein, high fiber food, but pile all my trash and waste up in a giant pile just outside of town? There is maybe more to being healthy than what we put in our bodies, we need to maintain a healthy environment to live in, and maintain healthy relationships with those within our community as well.

9% body fat just doesn’t seem as sexy if you are living in a toxic waste dump.

Going Green

June 11, 2009 By: Kelly Category: Uncategorized

What does the term “going green” really mean? The best definition I found is that “going green” refers to a general environmental philosophy and social consciousness around saving and advancing earth’s natural resources.
That is the technical term, but what does that mean to the everyday person? For me it has meant a lifestyle change-a move to an urban lifestyle. If you want to “go green” and reduce your carbon footprint focus on the way you live, you will realize that reducing your carbon footprint goes way beyond simply attaining a hybrid car.

Three ways I reduced my carbon footprint by moving to an urban area:

1. We have one car
It sounds really strange to me even now, but we are a one car family. Both my wife Kelly and I walk to work, restaurants, the baseball games, the park, yoga and the library. Besides occasional trips, we rarely drive. As you can imagine, our living expenses have dropped significantly, too. When you factor in a car payment, insurance, gas and maintenance, finances are much more manageable with one car. By cutting our driving times we have much more time and money to do other things. Oh by the way, with driving less, we get to walk more. A great by product of giving up a car is a healthier lifestyle of walking

2. We shop at the farmers market
Don’t know where your vegetables are grown? When we shop locally we know that most of the things we have purchased have not traveled a long distance to our dinner table. Also by supporting local farmers, we are boosting the local economy.

3. We recycle buildings
recycling buildings is nothing more than renovating existing historic structures. Instead of heading to the fringes of town and building new building, the trend has been to head back to the center of it all and renovate the historic structures that have played a part in the making of the city. If you really want to recycle, begin with the home you live in…



June 03, 2009 By: Tim Category: Uncategorized


Snapped this pic of a garbage truck in my neighborhood this afternoon -

Are we really selling this as a plus? Really?

No Garbage Can at this Ormond Beach Address

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Recyce Bins in Ormond BeachBy Tim Davis

Took this picture at the end of my driveway last Thursday – which is referred to as “trash day” in my neighborhood. However I do not put out any trash. I actually haven’t had a trash can out on a “trash day” in a few months. Four bins, plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass/metal containers. Feel free to comment or discuss.

Pickle in a Sack?

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By Tim Davis

Yesterday I attended a technology fair at the Daytona Beach Hilton. When we arrived at the registration desk of the conference room, it was explained to us that there was an additional fee of $20 if we would like to participate in the group lunch. Being the social creature I am, I saw this is the obvious thing to do. The lunch turned out to be a box lunch consisting of the following:

  • A pretty nice looking, and I’ll admit nice tasting, turkey and ham sandwich
  • A small bag of gormet potato chips
  • Two cookies
  • A little tub of pasta salad
  • One(1) can of soda
  • And a pickle. In a sack. Yeah.

Everyone seated at my table pulled the contents of the box out onto the table before them and studied the spread like hungry humans generally do – and most people attacked the chips or the sandwich first. I noticed that no one at my table was diving into that pickle setup. Read the rest of this entry →

JConcepts Makes Move to Recycled Packaging

April 26, 2009 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

JConcepts Rulux B4 Wheels By Tim Davis

Clermont FL – JConepts Racing has begun packaging and shipping their entire product line of wheels, tires, and accessories in recycled packaging. The bags are also emblazoned with the large recycling logo in red on the front, a move designed to encourage purchasers to do their part and recycle the bags again.  The company has made the move to recycled for several reasons according to CEO Jason Ruona, “We as an organzation have made a commitment to trying to do our part to lessen the environmental impact we have as an industry, and lets face it, one less plastic bag in the trash can is a plus.”

JConcepts is a leading manufactuer of high performance accessories for the racing and performance product aftermarket. Visit them on the web at JConcepts.